July 9, 2018

Meet Stan

One week before our move, Mr. Stan Wright, President of Full Dekk Music Group visited Bronze Kingdom with international recording artist, Howard "Chingy" Bailey, Jr.  During their tour of our front gallery, Stan became enamored with our ceremonial drum exhibit, particularly the Bamileke-style drum from Cameroon (pictured with Stan above).  As the tour continued to the back gallery, the Enguni King & Queen sculpture from Swaziland caught Stan's eye.  He had to have it.  


Left: Enguni King & Queen.  This wood sculpture depicts a maiden who was just selected to become one of the many wives of the king after the annual ritual of the Umhlanga or Reed Dance ceremony which is attended by thousands of virgins. The new queen who is offering the king palm wine, a gift in many African cultural ceremonies and wedding rituals, is adorned with the traditional costume of beaded anklets, skirt, arm and calf bands, and feathers in her hair. The king, who is also referred to asIngwenyama (Lion), is also wearing a skirt, sashes, arm and calf bands with feathers in his hair as well. This sculpture holds a unique beauty by way of its intricate detailing.

Bottom Left:    The Bamileke-style drum is rare ceremonial which features a hand-carved depiction of spiritual life.  This beautiful drum is made of wood, animal skin and fur.  

Stan, Hip-Hop Recording Artist, Chingy, and Mr. Bennett
Stan with his new acquisition,
Wood ceremonial drum, Cameroon
Mr. Bennett and Chingy with our Bronze Benin Oba

Meet Kismet

This past weekend, Ms. Kismet Evans, came in for a guided tour and acquired a rare collection of Ashanti wooden sculptures from Ghana. 


She also selected a handful of beautiful hand-painted housewares and an authentic Python-skin handbag from South Africa which she discovered in our gift shop.  As a thank you for her patronage, Bronze Kingdom gifted her with an Ancestry DNA kit so she can have the pleasure of obtaining her true heritage.   


From left to right:  Pair of tribally-used Ashanti King and Queen; figures Ashanti Maternity figure, representing a mother breast feeding her child who is holding his mother's hand. Seated on a typical Ashanti stool.  All are made from hand-carved wood, glass beads and fibers.